Russian Views On Homosexuality Affect Sochi Olympics

Valery Jorgensen ’15

The Sochi Olympics are quickly approaching, with opening ceremonies beginning tomorrow. However, for Western Countries, Russian viewpoints on sexuality are putting a dampener on the events.

In the United States, equal marriage laws are passing like wildfire throughout the country. However, unlike the United States, Russia passed an anti-homosexual “propaganda” law last June and public consensus is in full support. According to the Pew Research Center and a Global Attitudes Survey, a total of 72 percent of the Russian population thinks that homosexuality is morally wrong. This issue is the frontrunner for unethical issues discussed in the country, above abortion, alcohol, divorce and contraception use.

Throughout Russia, people of all ages feel as though homosexuality is morally wrong. Statistics show that people between 18-29 and older than 50 have equal numbers when asked about homosexuality being wrong. People with and without education feel similarly as well. Around 65 percent of college graduates think homosexuality is wrong, and 75 percent without college degrees agree.

This may cause negative effects in the United States, especially with the Olympians traveling to the country to compete. Equality for homosexuals is a major issue and push in our democratic society and with many Olympians being in the younger age range, 15-30, new viewpoints on homosexuality in the United States strongly oppose the Russian viewpoint. Hopefully, opposing viewpoints on social issues will not have a major effect on the athletes and the competition.

sochi olympics

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