More Education; Higher Belief in Evolution

According to a survey done by Pew Research in December of 2013, out of all of the adults in America, most (60%) do believe that humans products of evolution.  While this number is the majority, this still seems to be a low number to me.  When looking at the data in different categories, it was interesting to see how different groups have different ratios of belief in evolution.  The majority of white evangelical Protestants believe that humans existed in their present form, but that is the only group from this study that believes that.  The most interesting groups surveyed are the college graduates, people with some college, and high school graduates.  What is interesting to me is that the data suggests, the more education a person has, the more they believe in evolution.  51% of high school graduates, 62% of people who attended some college, and 72% of college graduates believe that humans evolved over time.

Shunying Wang, who is a senior from Pacific Lutheran University reinforced this data when she said, “I think so,” when asked if she believes in evolution.  I think this article is very interesting for people to understand that education can shape beliefs, no matter how religiously based those beliefs might be.  While the reason that the belief in evolution is so low in America might be due to the large majority religious people, especially of the Christian denomination, I believe that those with more education can make more informed decisions about these matters, religious or not.

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