Despite Fierce Adversity On Health Care, President Obama’s Job Rating Is On The Rise

By Giancarlo Santoro

In a time where good news has been scarce regarding political aspects in the United States, statistics from the Pew Research Center show that President Obama’s job rating is, to the relief of many American’s, on the rise. Easily the biggest point of contention during the Obama presidency has been his stance on health care, something that Democrats and Republican’s have been disputing fiercely for months, which culminated in the government shutdown in October of last year.

Despite the resistance from the Republican party, the American public seems to have more confidence in “Obama care,” than the alternatives given by Republicans in congress. According to a joint study by Pew and USA TODAY of 2001 American’s, 45% currently approve of the way the president is doing his job, while 49% voiced disapproval. The president’s highest approval rating, 55%, came shortly after his reelection in December 2012.

Courtesy of Pew Research Center/USA TODAY

Courtesy of Pew Research Center/USA TODAY

In terms of the 2010 health care act, 41% of American’s currently approve compared to 54% who think the act is bad for the country. In terms of the demographic break down, whites showed their disapproval at (64%-30%), while support is higher among Hispanics (52%) and blacks (81%).

But why does this matter to us as college students? After we graduate and go into the job market and are tasked with finding affordable health care, issues like this, that may not seem pressing right now, will creep up sooner than we expect. Affordable health care should be something that the U.S. strives for so that citizens have the help they need when injury or illness strikes. With so much emphasis in recent months being put on resisting Obama’s act, opportunities are being missed every day.

Courtesy of Pew Research Center/USA TODAY

Courtesy of Pew Research Center/USA TODAY

It is good for the country to have a president who the public views as favorably, but pressing issues such as the economy and the health care battle certainly outweigh Obama’s approval ratings.

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