Student Involvement and Leadership brings holiday spirit

Holiday themed events will be hosted between now and Christmas break by Student Involvement and Leadership in the hopes to bring holiday spirit and keep students from feeling the death in “Dead Week.”

The events will involve everything from holiday desserts to giving back to the community. Each event circulates around a main activity that will be fun for students and put excitement into the usual December stress most students feel. One night will be a “Make your own holiday treats” event in which students will be able to come and make ginger bread houses for free. The event will be coupled with holiday music and spirit.

Another event SIL will be putting on is a veteran holiday card signing where students can come and write thank you cards to veterans over the holidays. PLU students are encouraged to come and give back to their community to maintain the good reputation the school has with the community.

Student Involvement and Leadership is mostly concerned with bringing PLU students together and creating a sense of community. The month of December will be hosting many SIL events meant to bring students together. Events like these are what create the family atmosphere that PLU is known for. SIL aims to get students involved in school programs, each other and their community.

Students can find more information on December’s events by visiting the SIL site on the PLU homepage or by simply walking through the university’s commons. SIL has large banners throughout campus to inform students on the upcoming events so students can always know what is happening on campus. Most events are held in the lower level of the UC in the Cave.

SIL will be transforming the lower level UC into a holiday spirited area full of community and liveliness. Any students can come to have fun and relieve stress during the final month of the fall season for free.

For more information call the SIL campus office at 253-535-7483.

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