News Release: PLU Students for Life offer Christmas cheer



                                                                        November 26 2013

Amber Stokes

Club President

PLU pro-life students offer holiday joy to single young mothers

The PLU pro-life group desires to convey a message of hope and love to single young mothers this Christmas. Their plan is to send some Christmas cheer over to a “house of hope” for young mothers attempting to get on their feet after unplanned pregnancies

This Christmas event aims to demonstrate support for mothers who chose to keep their babies. “We want to shed a different light on the pro life movement. It is about continuing to show love and support as she starts a scary but amazing journey,” said founder and President Amber Stokes.

Pro-life students will gather together. On the evening of Dec. 4 in room 103 of the Morken Center they will decorate Christmas cookies and create cards for the mothers. These cards will go to the New Beginnings House. This house is sometimes called the “house of hope” because of the chance it offers young, single mothers.

PLU Students for Life hope to raise awareness about the young mothers’ choice of life over abortion.


PLU Students for Life is a student club that aims to raise awareness about abortion and issues surrounding abortion and to encourage pregnant girls to choose to give their babies life.

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