Small Business Guru tells How-to

by Candace Hansen 15′


Local President of the Northwest Business & Community Development Center gave expert advice for graduating college students who might be interested in starting their own businesses on Monday afternoon.


Linda Jadwin, WSU graduate and recipient of the Women of Influence 2010 award, is an eloquent and fiery woman. Her relaxed but professional demeanor disguises her passionate side quite well until the Seahawks make a game winning play and her twelfth man comes to the front whooping and hollering for her good ol’ hawks. While watching football and spending time with her three children, all of which have or are attending college, are her favorite pastimes her passion is her career.


Linda’s devotion to her clients is prevalent as she talks about what a normal work day is like for her and with a laugh she says, “There’s no such thing. Every day is different because I never know what business is going to walk in my door and I never know which grant that I need to go and research.” On top of researching grants Linda is also required to find and present information to the city, county, state and the federal government depending on what type of business seeks her unique set of skills. Linda’s client base ranges from college students to military members that are transitioning out of the military and individuals that are over 50 which is the fastest growing small business population along with women, especially Latina women. Linda has helped clients start businesses that include everything from pheasant farming to investment bankers –the possibilities are endless.


Linda’s enthusiasm for her work is contagious and instills ambition and determination within her listeners and encourages them to go forth and accomplish their life goals after she shares some helpful hints and tips. “Don’t be afraid to start your own business, it’s not as scary as you think. There is financing out there but you have to take care of yourself now. Get a good credit score and think about investing in your education as part of your future because you may be able to write it off as an expense.” She ensures that there is no such thing as bad business and that ideas are highly exportable because it’s not often that people think of how they do something as a business idea and that an original idea is what is needed to start a business.


Linda currently teaches workshop classes to help clients with writing a business plan, marketing, developing cash flow projections, understanding financial statements and analysis, sales, and internet business or e-commerce. Gwen Orwiler, the Emotional Freedom Coach at Your Strongest Life Emotional Freedom Coaching, has had the privilege to work alongside Linda: “I’ve spent some time with Linda on the board of Directors for a local women’s organization together and attended her eight week class for entrepreneurs. Linda is fun, creative, a wealth of knowledge and knows EVERYONE in the Tacoma area! She’s passionate about what she does and I believe that anyone who is serious about heading down the entrepreneurial path would be well served by connecting with her.”


If students have questions for Linda they are encouraged to contact her via her Facebook page. In the meantime students can listen to Linda as she co-hosts for the radio show BizTech Talk on KLAY AM 1180. Listeners can tune in on Tuesday’s from noon to 1 p.m. where Linda and talk show host Darryl Bowman interview persons of interest like The Mayor of Sultan WA, Carolyn Eslick about topics like promoting the growth of small businesses.

Tacoma, WA. Linda Jadwin and Darryl Bowman interview persons of interest on BizTechTalk.

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