Where will the TUBE lead you?


Hannah Fry, junior, and Brittany Jackson attend the Rock the Vote Concert. The event was held to encourage students to cast their votes. Photo by: Naomi Bess 15′

By Naomi Bess 15′

A ride on London Underground subway; commonly known as the tube, brought a life changing moment for a PLU junior. It all started by reading a local publication, an uncommon practice of college-age students; who usually look to social media outlets for their daily dose of news. It was in this instance that Junior, Brittany Jackson, an intended education major, began to find a passion for the field of Communication and PR.

After reading London’s local newspaper she started to compare it to her own local city, Tacoma, news outlets. The outcome brought shock to the young English Literature major. Jackson found that London papers displayed some bias in their writings that she had not witnessed in the states. Following Jackson’s return state side she began looking into the field of Communication and more specifically journalism and PR.

Communication can be found in a large spectrum of jobs, almost every job that one can obtain requires the ability to communicate. Jackson realized this early on in her first year and thought it necessary to take COMA 212: public speaking. Jackson said, “I initially took the class for a career in education but now I’m exploring other options, I found it useful.”  This was her first dip into the pool of communication but certainly would not be her last. Nearing the end of sophomore year Jackson applied for an on-campus job as ASPLU’s Public Relations director.

After being offered the position of PR director, the young enthusiast branched a smidge further and found a local internship at Tacoma Regional Convention and Visitor Bureau. The internship provided her time to learn and an opportunity to get hands-on experience that would aid in her future job on ASPLU.  According to their website TRCVB is a private non-profit destination marketing organization that focuses on bringing tourism to Pierce County.

Working as an intern for the 2013 summer, Jackson managed their Pinterest account, did media research as well as helping set-up events held. As the summer came to a close and the school year came about Jackson felt better prepared for what was ahead. “I was really nervous about working at ASPLU but the internship was able to give me experience in the field,” You would hardly know this was her first year in the Communication field as she takes charge with maintaining three of ASPLU’s social media outlets; twitter, Facebook, and instagram.

Brittany Jackson, ASPLU PR Director, working in the office. Jackson begins posting on the social media outlets about upcoming events on campus.
Photo by: Naomi Bess 15′

In pursuit of finding out more in the field of Communication, Jackson discovered a love for it. “Writing has always come easily to me,” says Jackson but now instead of teaching she leans more into the business aspect. Following all the work that Jackson put in this summer and entering in to this PR position she decided to get a minor in communication. Over the past few months Jackson has had to adjust her academic writing style to fit Associated Press format but she says, “It’s been a learning experience.”

As Jackson passes through mid-semester, she begins to look for other classes that will help hone her newfound communication skills.

Just think, this all began from an experience abroad. Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity offered to hundreds of thousands of college students every year. According to the PLU Study Away website, it was one of the first higher education institutions that had students studying simultaneously on all 7 continents.

From the Tube in London, to the busy streets in Downtown Tacoma and even back to ASPLU’s office you can find communication everywhere.  Jackson realized this and played to its strength. Though she is an English Literature major she is minoring in Communication. This young intellectual has used her abroad experiences to keep PLU up with the times and fast moving in the technological ways of the future. Jackson is a great example of the many students that end up changing their course of study. It’s never too late to look at another field, as the saying goes better late than never.

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