Sports guy chases headlines

By Tahlia Terhune ’16


Sam Horn playing bagpipe near PLU. Photograph taken by: John Froschauer.

Pacific Lutheran University student Sam Horn ’15 is living the dream. Actively pursuing his major, Horn has enabled himself to gain opportunities that will ensue future success in his chosen field: sports journalism.

Currently, Sam plays tuba for the PLU band (where he earned his scholarship), announces volleyball games, occasionally will do statistics for the soccer games and works closely with the sports information director. As if that isn’t enough, Sam is also the sports editor of PLU’s Mooring Mast newspaper which is roughly circulated to 3,000 people.

An active student in the PLU body, Sam stands out in many ways. A talent that not everyone at PLU may know, is Sam’s passion for playing the bagpipes. Listening to bagpipe bands from around the world since the age of three, Sam became infatuated with the sound they produced. Sam’s bagpiping future was brought about when a local member of a church Sam attended in Colorado offered to teach lesson’s on how to play the instrument. Sam wishes he had more time to play but has been considerably accomplished with this instrument.


Sam Horn practicing kicking at Enumclaw’s Pete’s Pool. Photo taken by: Sam Horn.

Writing is deeply rooted in Sam’s past. Beginning in second grade the possibilities of Sam’s future in writing were revealed. Encouraged by teachers to write, Sam explored the possibilities of what he could do. In fifth grade, he wrote a book that was discussed in a middle school conference among his peers. Shortly following, he became involved with Enumclaw High School’s newspaper his junior year. All the mean while, Sam was a dedicated athlete and fan of sports. He recalled his first time watching Sports Center, a highly viewed sports news television program, by saying, “I love how guys talk about sports 24-7. It’s really cool.”

Sam had built his resume before beginning the academic journey here at PLU. PLU strives to put students in the field by requiring that they do internships relative to their major. Sam put forth his talents again by interning for the Enumclaw Career Herald (circulation of 10,000). Horn says, “It was great to have that internship first off because I was still relatively new to the whole journalism field.” He spoke of learning to broaden his talents by learning to write on other topics such as politics. The News Tribune was his next internship where he was allowed to hone in his writing specifically for sports. When Sam first stepped in the club house of the mariners his words were, “I’m living my dream.”

Horn has recently been accepted as a finalist at the ESPN sports news radio station based in Seattle. Horn hopes to land the spot for an internship to prove himself as a hard worker and one of the best in his field.


Photo of Sam Horn taken on PLU campus. Photo taken by: Tahlia Terhune.

I asked Sam what advice he would give to students looking to major in communications and specifically journalism. “The job market looks for applicants who can not only write, but do graphics, audio and visuals,” Sam says, “My advice is to really hone one of your skills that you’re good at and then be pretty adequate at everything else.”

I interviewed Kameran Miller, junior at Puyallup High School, who’s dream is to attend PLU and major in communication emphasized in journalism. Currently she is enrolled in AP (advanced placement) classes, newspaper production class and is actively involved in the high school’s newspaper. When I briefed Kameran on Horn’s success she replied, “Being in journalism you see great journalists and it’s hard to imagine yourself in that position. Seeing students like Sam Horn put it into perspective that this could be a reality; it could be my reality.”

Sam is living the dream of any college student: actually using his major. Many students aspire to apply the skills they have learned throughout young adulthood and now the university level to their future career. Sam is excited to see what his future holds but won’t have further news on job offers until he nears graduation.

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