Government shutdown over, mixed feelings remain

-By Maia Palmer, ’16

PLU students think government shutdown is ridiculous

Pacific Lutheran University students were left with mixed feelings about the US government after the shutdown ended early Oct. 17.

The 16 day long shutdown was the first to occur in the past 17 years. President Obama signed a deal just after midnight Oct. 17, keeping the US from having to declare a default.

Junior Dan Stell was confused about the situation.  He said, “It was just something that kind of turned into a joke almost because our government is so polarized.  It is like, of course this stuff would happen and I think it is ridiculous.”

He was not alone in his opinion.  Sophomore Linn Chloe Hagstroel said, “Well, I heard about [the shutdown], and the reasons I heard why it shut down I felt were really ridiculous and totally out of place.”

Government funding lasts until Jan. 15 and the debt ceiling will be reached again by Feb. 7.  Whether these events will lead to another government shutdown remains to be seen.

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