The fun in student government

By: Naomi Bess 15’

The Broadway Mansion in downtown Tacoma was filled on Oct. 12, with around 375 college-aged students which marked PLU’s Great Gatsby themed homecoming dance.

The party began fashionably late around 9 p.m. with students of all ages in attendance. Sophomore, Grace Takehara, an ASPLU Senator and ASPLU’s Programs Director Olivia McLaughlin, a senior, were among some of the students involved in this event.

This year’s homecoming added a new twist with a 21 plus speakeasy, where alcoholic beverages were served. Aside from the line to get carded it, Junior Sarah Smith said, “The speak easy was new this year but quite a popular hit… it peaked interest for upperclassman on something new for homecoming.”

539 Broadway Mansion in Downtown Tacoma lights up the night for PLU students. PHOTOGRAPHED BY: Broadway Mansion

ASPLU is a student government organization that provides fun & thought provoking activities for campus. Homecoming was just one of the many events they plan on campus. The next event they have coming up is Rock the Vote Concert.

The Rock the Vote Concert is a partnership between UW Tacoma and PLU for encouraging students to participate in elections. Brittany Jackson, ASPLU’s PR Director, said, “they can come enjoy the music at the concert as well as return ballots for the November elections.” Rock the Vote is PLU’s first time partnering with local universities.

The Washington bus will be in Red Square transporting students to and from the concert. For a good time meet in red square costume ready, to party hard, and Rock the Vote. More information about this event can be found on the ASPLU website.

Edited By: Samantha Lund 16′

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