PLU students experience break-in

Lane Vanderford ‘15

Three attempted break-ins occurred within a 24 hour period at a student house four blocks away from Pacific Lutheran University. The attempted break-ins happened in late August right before the start of fall semester at PLU.

Six females reside in the house on 117th St. and as of a week ago, four of the housemates were present during at least one of the attempted break-ins.

First break-in attempt happened around 2 a.m. when the fugitive tried to pry open one of the housemate’s doors that leads outside. The second attempt occurred around 11 a.m. and this time the intruder climbed on top of the residents’ carport. The last attempt occurred around 10 p.m. and the fugitive was questioned to actually be in the house and locked one of the residents out of her room.

Melissa Moser, sophomore, said she was frightened when she realized the all female home was a target for this fugitive. “I woke up and heard someone at the door that leads into my room from outside and when I looked over the door handle was abruptly shaking as if someone was trying to pry it open.”

Melissa, along with two other housemates, had a similar firsthand experience. Tahlia Terhune, sophomore, said she was thankful to have her dog there to feel safer. “I thought I heard someone up on the carport and that’s when my dog Nala ran over to the window and started barking.”

The following day a local Deputy walked the perimeter of the house finding a ladder the fugitive used to climb on top of the house’s carport. The nearby neighbors have been informed and the residents have installed a security system.

No further reports of attempted break-in have been reported at this time.

Edited by: Tahlia Terhune ‘16

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