News Tribune offers day in the life for students

By Natalie DeFord, ’16

PLU students attended Tuesday’s staff meeting at The News Tribune in Tacoma.


Left to right: Junior Naomi Bess and sophomores Natalie DeFord (me!) and Hannah Jeske in front of The News Tribune

As part of an opportunity presented in their Writing for Communication Careers class, 3 students went with Professor Joanne Lisosky to The News Tribune.

The meeting took place in the news room and students observed and participated in the morning meeting. The editorial staff went over their budget. Budget, in this case, has to do with dividing a very important resource for newspapers—space on the page.

Stories were pitched and written on a huge whiteboard to diagram where and when they would be published. After the pitching, the crew went over today’s edition of the paper. They looked through it critically and compared opinions on how to improve.

Karen Peterson, executive editor, took questions after the meeting. She shared several of her personal thoughts on journalism and went into great detail on how they gather and post stories. Peterson emphasized the difference between breaking news and later writings on the same story.

Some news outlets use the motto: ‘Get it first, but get it right, but get it first.’ “We like to say ‘Get it right, but get it first, but get it right,” Peterson said.

“It was a fascinating look into how the world of journalism works,” sophomore Hannah Jeske, who attended the event, said.

There is another opportunity to attend a News Tribune meeting Oct. 23. Those interested in attending should arrive in business attire by 9:15a.m sharp.

Peterson said students are welcome to visit any time, but they should contact her assistant first. The News Tribune‘s website is:

Copy Editor: Olivia McSpadden

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