Local coffee shop embraces change

blue steele

Courtesy of:  Yelp 

Tahlia Terhune ’16

Parkland coffee shop makes big changes. Blue Steele Coffee Company plans to expand their well known coffee shop into a cafe.

Within a few months the coffee shop plans to expand to a cafe that will provide soup, salads and sandwiches that have all been made from scratch. Commercial meat slicers and fridges have been ordered and will soon be put in place.

Along with the expansion of a cafe, BlueSteele is transitioning to a more economically conscious way of operation. They believe their new gift cards will exemplify sustainable values. The new gift cards can be found within the next few weeks and they will be printed on wood. The wood cards use much less energy than printing on paper and are eco-friendly.

BlueSteele Coffee Company is formally known as Forza Coffee. Forza Coffee was the location of the 2009 Lakewood police officer shooting. During this shooting, four local police officers were killed. Since, BlueSteele created their name to honor the remembrance of the officers.

The transition is something Courtney and her staff agree they are excited about. They look forward to continual service for the Parkland community.

There are plans for further expansion and new ideas that are waiting to be ensued.

Edited by: Lane Vanderford ‘15

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