Local author advises students

By Olivia McSpadden ’15

A Barnes & Noble employee shared his publishing experience with a group of PLU students on Monday. Professor Solveig Robinson’s Book in Society class traveled to Lakewood for an informational session led by author and employee, Charles Sharp.

About fifteen students visited Barnes & Noble to see how publishing and book selling industries function. Sharp explained the methodology behind the store’s layout and display of specific books.

Sharp also explained how he and colleague, Jack Radey wrote the book, The Defense of Moscow 1941: The Northern Flank in 2012. Sharp and Radey’s novel highlights a part of the Battle of Moscow that was never told.

The Defense of Moscow 1941

Photo cover of The Defense of Moscow 1941: The Northern Flank Photo

The book started as a scholarly article but transformed into a published book. Sharp and Radey are currently researching and writing the second of three books on the same topic.

“My advice to you—write about something new,” said 68-year-old Sharp.

Future opportunities will be available through this course to explore similar topics and allow students to form professional relationships.

Copy Edited by Natalie DeFord

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