Earthquake drill prepares PLU for emergency

Kjersti Andreassen ’16

An earthquake drill was conducted at Pacific Lutheran University Thursday morning, teaching the community how to respond to emergencies.

Campus Safety organized the emergency exercise during the late morning hours on Thursday. For an entire minute, they asked students to “Drop, Cover, and Hold On,” before exiting the building.

According to e-mails Campus Safety sent out to the campus community, the drill was put on to teach students and faculty proper procedures for emergency situations. It was also done to test the electronic e-mail and cell phone notification system, known as PLU alert!, and the Blue Phone speakers.

“I think it went really well,” Brian Fitzgerald, Student Supervisor with Campus Safety, said. Fitzgerald also said they received good feedback from the different departments, and that the drill was successful.

Copy Edited by Veronika Wooten

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4 replies

  1. As someone not in the pacific region, are earthquakes a common issue up there?

  2. This is college level work, and the writer and the editor both missed the obvious spelling error in the last paragraph. For shame.

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