Review: Safeco Ballpark Improvements, Additions


It is springtime and you know what that means, it is baseball season. With this new season Safeco field has some major new additions. These new additions are hopefully going to attract the public to Safeco Field. Bring one, bring all, this year there are attractions to please everyone.

* Edgar’s Cantina restaurant: Named after baseball hall of famer Edgar Martinez. This is one of the best places to eat at the park. Edgar’s Cantina is absolutely amazing. They serve beef tongue tacos, despite their unusual contents; fans seem to really enjoy them. After interviewing fans, the beef tongue taco was among the top 3 most remembered meals.  This restraunt can get very crowded from time to time; at least when we were there it was packed. Another down side is that there isn’t a designated seating section, only standing bar room. “I have been to games where you cannot move and so I was forced to either scarf down my food or move somewhere else” said an event staff member. New this year is hard alcohol; we have three venders that will gladly provide you with a strong one.

* The Big Screen: We have gotten nothing but great reviews about the big screen. With a big screen, which is the size of two NBA basketball courts, its hard not to fall in love at a game. Out of the 20 fans we interviewed, 19 of them said they were amazed at how big and clear the picture was. One loyal fan said, “Let me tell you, it is a little nerve racking when you are speaking on the big screen, because you can literally see everything.” The one fan that didn’t enjoy the new addition was concerned about the money being spent on the improvement. With a price tag of  $1.3 million the financial setback is hard to overlook.

* The Pen extension: Safeco pushed the outfield walls in by 20 ft. This was done in order to meet MLB regulation, which now makes Safeco field meet all MLB regulations. A nice bonus is that it extended the drinking area, commonly called the pen. So now you can enjoy a nice cold beer while watching the game, while feeling like you are in the outfield. We have had a lot of mixed reviews about this area. Many parents voiced,  “I believe it is a terrible place to bring kids or people who do not like drunk college kids”. Many younger people love the area in order to talk with people their own age while watching the game. There seemed to be many drunken college students in the pen who were rather loud. If you want to enjoy the game in peace, we wouldn’t recommend spending your time in The Pen.

* Kings Court: For 30 dollars you can get: a seat in the Kings Court, a free Felix T-shirt, and a K card. This location has been a hit ever since his perfect game last season. Every game this section gets packed with some of the most die-hard fans. “I love this section, the visual of all gold is awesome, and King Court nights are some of the loudest, which makes the games so much more exciting.” Said a group of college students.

* The Classics: A baseball game isn’t complete without the Mariners garlic fries. The first thing you’ll smell when you are walking into the park is the garlic fries. There is so much garlic you will smell like garlic days after eating them. If you ask the fans who eat them, they will tell you it is totally worth it. Also you can’t leave the park without having a traditional beer from the beer garden. No baseball game is complete without a nice cold beer.

With these new additions Safeco hopes to attract more fans into the ballpark then ever before. These are the biggest changes since the ballpark opened and Safeco is hoping to have record-breaking sales by the end of the 2013 season. This year the M’s are currently 2nd place in the league and are closing the gap for 1st!

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