Press Release: TAPCO Credit Union Awards 8 Scholarships

Contact: Chloe Eklund                                                            FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Phone: 360-123-4567


Tacoma’s TAPCO Credit Union Sends Seniors on Their Way to Success With $8,000 Scholarship Award

Tacoma, WA- May 1, 2013- High school seniors, Jared Douthett, Zoey Selby, Alyson Vancleave, Carly Peters, Maia Schumacher, Avery Smalls, Kourtney McCann,  and Anna Chambers will each receive $1,000 to help pay for their education needs in the fall, thanks to TAPCO’s scholarship program.

For over ten years, TAPCO has selected graduating high school seniors in Tacoma based on their academic success, community involvement, GPA, financial need and membership longevity.

As a credit union dedicated to its members and community service, the winners of the 2013 scholarship reflect TAPCO’s founding members’ vision of “People Helping People.”  Each winner has made a positive impact on their community by volunteering, tutoring, and serving as role models to their peers.

Bellarmine Prep. High School senior, Maia Schumacher, has served as a National Honors Society Member for three years. During this time, she overcame dyslexia and tutored struggling students. Along with many other accomplishments, she was awarded the Bellarmine “Abel Award” for Leadership and Philanthropy Service in 2012.

Maia plans to attend nursing school at Seattle University or Villanova University in Philadelphia.

Jared Douthett, senior at Curtis High School, said he felt “astounded” when notified of the award.

“Of all the worthy contestants and recipients, I was among the few that actually received the prestigious honor. That made me feel really good about what I have done and that I must take it with a grateful heart.”

The winners will attend Whitworth University, Brown University, Washington State University, Tacoma Community College and Gonzaga University in fall, 2013.


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