Press Release: PLU Students Tackle Sex Ed in New Film

Contact: Ariel Roberts or Beth Kraig

Tel. 253.535.7296                                                                                   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE



What’s the craziest thing that you have ever learned about sex? Students in Pacific Lutheran University’s Women’s and Gender Studies program have spent the last three months asking youth, young adults, and professionals in the Tacoma, Washington area this and other questions. The group of eight students, who are completing their Capstone experience for the Women’s and Gender Studies major, have worked together to produce a new documentary, Doin’ it with the Lights On: American Youth and Issues of Sexuality, Identity Development, and Empowerment.

Beth Kraig, this year’s advisor for the capstone experience, says that, “The Women’s and Gender Studies Program at PLU focuses strongly on encouraging people to practice engaged and collaborative applications of feminism, as a way of building social justice.” While students in the Women’s and Gender Studies capstone have traditionally completed an internship and then written a research paper, Kraig is leading a new approach that encourages the junior and senior students in the class to apply their knowledge to the real world. “Look, listen, learn – then engage the problem and take action! Reach out and build connections, argue and grow, that’s the Women’s and Gender Studies approach at PLU,” says Kraig.

Students in the class worked together at the beginning of the Spring 2013 semester to identify a problem that they saw affecting themselves, their peers, and society as a whole. Ariel Roberts, a senior also majoring in English Literature at the university, says that, “It was really difficult at first to come together and find something that we could all be passionate about. We’re all coming from such different backgrounds and we all have varying interests. Sexual education was something that we had all experienced, whether formally or informally, and we saw it as being an important issue that doesn’t get talked about enough.” With the help of Andrea Capere, PLU Media Lab Videographer and Women’s and Gender Studies minor, the group set about the process of learning how to make a documentary to highlight the issues they saw surrounding sexual education, particularly in Wash.

The documentary is set to premiere on Thursday, May 16 at 7:00pm in The Cave, a gathering place for students at Pacific Lutheran University in the Anderson University Center. The film will also be shown during the students’ final presentation on May 23 at 11:30am in the Regency Room, also located in the Anderson University Center.


For more information about the documentary, screenings, and availability, please call Beth Kraig at 253.535.7296 or email Ariel Roberts at You can also visit the project’s website

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