KWA hiring 100 care givers

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KWA, formerly Korean Women’s Association, is hiring up to 100 caregivers in the Tacoma area. Instead of the usual interview process, they have set up interactive care giving situations.

Caregivers are on the forefront of the operations, visiting clients in their own home and helping those who cannot help themselves.

Clients learn line-dancing at the senior meal site, another amenity provided by KWA.

Clients learn line-dancing at the senior meal site, another amenity provided by KWA.

KWA is looking for caregivers for their King and Pierce county clients. This Wednesday they’ll be using prop bedrooms, bathrooms and more to help those interested in care giving see what it’s like to work in a home. The hiring event is at WorkForce Central, 3650 South Cedar Street in Tacoma. The event runs from 9am to 7pm.

Veronica Larson is the marketing coordinator for KWA.

“We’re really looking forward to doing something a little bit different,” said Larson. “It’s going to be a hands-on event.”

The interactive set up will give potential employees to see if they enjoy working in a home environment. Larson explained that KWA is seeking people who want to help others.

“We definitely want to encourage the people that find it interesting or have a heart for giving back.”

Larson works in the Tacoma offices, right off of Pacific Avenue. The employees in the office care just as much as those in clients’ homes.

“KWA serves over 40 nationalities,” said Larson. “People just from the staff alone speak over 27 languages. I’m impressed by the breadth of KWA’s knowledge, diversity and their ability to serve.”

KWA will be working on several projects over the next few months. The organization was rewarded a grant from PhotoVoice, a digital storytelling opportunity. Senior citizens at KWA’s Tacoma meal site were given digital cameras and asked to share their lives with the world. The results of the PhotoVoice will begin debuting in galleries in the fall.

KWA welcomes all who are interested to Wednesday’s event. Pierce county’s unemployment rate is currently at 10.4 percent. KWA hopes to decrease this statistic.

“I’m really proud of KWA. I’m proud of the leadership and I’m proud of the volunteer board. I’m proud that we’re a non-profit. We put, as an organization, 97 cents on the dollar back in to serving our clients,” said Larson. “I’m just really thankful to be a part of being able to provide that support.”

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