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Album Review

Fall Out Boy’s latest album, Save Rock and Roll is a sublime combination of modern and classic rock styles that brilliantly comes alive through songs like The PhoenixMy Songs Know What You Did in the Dark, and Save Rock and Roll featuring non other than Sir Elton John.

What this album does extremely well is balance new and old themes of rock and roll while making it their own to create a sound both familiar and new. Furthermore, the album contains a deep level of symbolism that alludes to the common movement of avid ‘music goers’ or music lovers’ that are pushing towards a redemption of music as a whole. To do this, the album uses Rock and Roll as the poster child deepening the impact of the message by utilizing the classic musical style that defined many generations. However, although the album has many great qualities about it, the sound it emits is somewhat repetitive in that although it is strong in the quality of music, it lacks in diversity of sound.

Moreover, Fall Out Boys headliner song, Save Rock and Roll delivers with a performance of phenomenal proportions. It brings to the table a great modern rock sound that truly shines with the elegant vocals of Elton John, who chimes in at just the right time, symbolizing the revival of music or ‘rock’ in a world where quality music seems to have recently been lacking.

Hardcore fans of Fall Out Boy’s distinct musical style and sound are likely to hear the album and initially be hesitant towards its acceptance because it is vastly different from the bands past endeavors. But, fans–like myself–will be pleasantly surprised to discover that although its is quite different, it is in no way worse than anything in their past; arguably, it is quite a bit better than their previous work in that it is adventurous, daring fresh, old–in a good way­–and catchy.

All in all, the album serves its purpose as a symbol of saving quality music, while delivering a performance of innovative new sounds that brilliantly combines with the classically proven sounds of the classic rock era, culminating in harmony.

Movie Review

Three years ago with the release of Jon Favreau’s “Iron Man 2”, fans knew to expect a finale to this stunning trilogy. “Iron Man 3” proved to be that finale everyone came to expect and want.

Continuing from events of the blockbuster, “The Avengers”, Tony Starks, played by Robert Downey Jr., comes to the realization that he truly is not as “invincible” as he thought he was. We find out that he spent his time re-dedicating to making more suits to account for all sorts of variables. Trouble begins when a global terrorist by the name of “The Mandarin”, played by Ben Kingsley, arises and starts to wreak havoc around the world to purposes unknown. Starks decides to confront the Mandarin when matters become personal and his closest friends get grievously hurt. The rest of the film goes through Iron Man’s quest to search for the Mandarin, having to start from scratch, leading up to a climactic battle against an unknown foe.

The film itself, box-office wise, came to be the second highest seller on opening weekend (behind “The Avengers) at a whopping $174,144,585. This is to no surprise seeing as how it was the first Marvel film since “The Avengers” and fanboys and regulars alike were awaiting this conclusion. Most noticeable about this film that separates it from the two prior is that it takes a much more realistic approach to who the man Tony Starks is compared to the suit that he wears. It almost gives a nod to Christopher Nolan’s approach to the “Batman” series making the protagonist seem very human and vulnerable.

A noticeable flaw in the film is that while the scenery and visual effects were outstanding, it almost seemed to serve as a distractor to the plot. The plot becomes muddled as several other antagonists arise in addition to the Mandarin and their motives become entirely separate. What do they want with Tony Starks? What do they hope to achieve? Questions that become eventually answered towards the end, but amidst all the imagery, it may be too little, too late.

Overall, “Iron Man 3” does not fail to satisfy in what is to be the conclusion to the “Iron Man” trilogy before “The Avengers 2”. Robert Downey Jr.’s performance as Tony Starks dramatically improved and the addition of Ben Kingsley only made the cast stronger. Disregarding minor criticisms, this movie is a solid must-watch.

Video Game Review

What do you get when you combine and bring together the greatest heroes and villains from the DC Universe? A visually brilliant spectacle of a video game, “Injustice: Gods Among Us”

Developed by NetherRealm, the same studio that brought “Mortal Kombat”, “Injustice” brings players a solid multiplayer as well as something most fighting games are unavailable to deliver, a deep storyline. The story brings the concept of what would’ve happened if Superman, the strongest superhero, gave up on humanity, and decided to take control over it, creating a totalitarian regime. It allows you to play through as different heroes and villains in order to take down Superman in this parallel universe.

Much work went into the multiplayer and online support for the game, something that a fighting game needs to be a top tier level game. With a vast roster of 16 playable characters in addition to four downloadable characters, players have plenty to choose from to suit their personal playing styles. Each character has their own independent superpower they can use in their fighting that can augment or boost their abilities. In addition, there are two separate classes of characters that will vary on how they interact with the environment. If you are a power character, such as Superman, you can pick up a car to throw at your opponent whereas if you are a technical character, such as Batman, he will place an explosive on the car, resulting in an explosion damaging the opponent. With such variability, it offers countless hours of gameplay with friends and random opponents online.

“Injustice” however, does not come without its flaws. While there is character variation, there seems to sometimes be an imbalance in the strength and use of the characters. Some characters just cannot stack up to high tier characters such as The Joker to Doomsday, respectively. Also, with the high level graphics, the animations may sometimes seem too jerky as the frame rate gets too high. Whether it is during a character’s super move or an entrance appearance, the motions may occasionally be not as fluid as it could be.

As a follow up game to “Mortal Kombat”, NetherRealm brought out a hit game that any gamer, especially avid fighting gamers, needs to add to their collection. Whether it is too enjoy the story or climb the ladders in the online world, “Injustice” offers for all.

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