Bluegrass in the Forest celebrates a unique style of music


Trucks and RVs were a common sight at the Shelton High School campus this weekend as festival attendees stayed the night to soak up all the activity.

20130518_202709The sounds of banjos, mandolins and guitars surrounded Shelton High School during the ninth annual Bluegrass in the Forest Festival this past weekend. National bands, workshops, competitions, food vendors, and impromptu jam sessions kept attendees buzzing with excitement. For some, the fun lasted well into the wee hours of the morning as bluegrass fans camped and mingled in the parking lot of the high school.

Stephen Burwell of North County Bluegrass joins a jamming session right outside of someone's camper

Stephen Burwell of North County Bluegrass joins a jamming session

Even when a concert wasn’t scheduled, bluegrass could be heard as festival goers brought their own instruments and formed jamming sessions throughout the campsite. Some lucky visitors even got to play with the members of the headlining bands.

The festival was hosted by the Kristmas Town Kiwanis, a community organization in Shelton, which uses the revenue made by the festival to invest in more community projects. This has been the ninth year that the club has hosted the festival.

Shelton High School, home of the festival, seems eager to be a part of the tradition as well. Students studying stage tech stay on campus throughout the weekend. Some students even camp out in the auditorium overnight.

Patrons were all smiles as they met like-minded fans from all over North America. Laughter and chatter could be heard throughout the campsite at any given point as friends who only get to meet once a year came together to share their experiences.

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