PLU Celebrates Norway’s Constitution Day

This Friday, approximately 40 PLU students paraded in Ballard to celebrate Norway’s Constitution Day, May 17th.


17th of May is Norway’s Constitution Day as the Norwegian Constitution was signed on May 17th, 1814 in Eidsvoll, Norway.

The first recorded Seventeenth of May celebration in Ballard/Seattle were held in May 1889, and has been an annual tradition ever since.

Throughout the years, the parade was held many places in Seattle until the tradition of having a large celebration held in one place finally settled down in Ballard in 1929.

This was arranged by a committee of representatives from many Norwegian organizations as it is today with the Norwegian Seventeenth of May Committee.

The community parade in Ballard began in 1974, and has never skipped a year.

PLU has a strong connection with Norway as PLU was founded by Scandinavian immigrants in 1890.


This year’s celebration of  May 17th, also known as Syttende Mai (Soot-n-duh My), brought over 20,000 spectators to see more than 100 groups, including marching bands, Norwegian-American lodges, drill teams, brass bands, classic cars, and more.

Approximately 40 PLU students participated in the actual parade and proudly carried the PLU banner.

Shouting hipp, hipp, hurra! (hip, hip, hooray) and gratulerer med dagen! (happy birthday) were some of the more reoccurring shouts that were made throughout the 40-minute long parade from beginning to end.

The evening ended with the singing of Ja, vi elsker dette landet, Norway’s national anthem.

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