COMA faculty member wins 1st place–2nd year in a row

doreenThe Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) announced today that PLU visiting assistant professor Doreen Marchionni’s research article was selected as the First-Place Award Winner in the Newspaper and Online Division.

Marchionni’s article, “Online Story Commenting: An Experimental Test of Conversational Journalism and Trust,” examined newly-identified variables that theoretically measure journalism as a conversation and its value to democratic discourse. Her research was lauded by the judges at AEJMC as a “significant advancement to the theory in our field.” The judges added, ” This is an outstanding example of the work on conversational features that explain the relationship between journalists and readers.”

This was the second time in two years that Marchionni’s scholarship has received First-Place recognition from AEJMC. Her previous First-Place honor was for her article, “Conversational Journalism in Practice: A Case Study of The Seattle Times’ 2010 Pulitzer Prize Winner for Breaking News Reporting.” This article was subsequently published in the academic journal Digital Journalism. “It’s an honor to be recognized for my research these two years,” Marchionni said. “It’s obvious that the topic of journalism as conversations is as valid to the academy as it is to the industry.”

Marchionni’s award will be presented at the AEJMC convention in Washington, D.C. this summer.

AEJMC is the oldest and largest alliance of journalism and mass communication educators and administrators at the college level with 3,700 members in more than 50 countries. AEJMC’s mission is to promote the highest possible standards for journalism and mass communication education, to encourage the widest possible range of communication research, to encourage the implementation of a multi-cultural society in the classroom and curriculum, and to defend and maintain freedom of communication in an effort to achieve better professional practice, a better informed public, and wider human understanding.

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