Garfield Market: Offers Everyday Items, Souvenirs and a Welcoming Owner

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Garfield Market owner, Moody Abdelaal, opened his business on Garfield Street in 2007 welcoming Pacific Lutheran students and Parkland residents.

With his establishment close to Pacific Lutheran and on the frequented streets of Garfield, Abdelaal saw this area to be a “nice place to operate.”

Hospitality is Abdelaal’s specialty. “I like to talk with the people,” he said.


Garfield Market as seen from the fequented streets of Garfield. Garfield market sells conveient goods as well as unique Egyptian souveneirs. Photo by Brandon Adam

Abdelaal converses with frequent customers and tends to build relationships with them. He has a quiet but welcoming demeanor and is likely to become your friend once you start to open a conversation with him.

Even returning alumni from Pacific Lutheran return and talk to Abdelaal. “I have a lot of people who are already graduated from school [PLU] and still come back and say hi to me,” Abdelaal said.

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Abdelaal’s business. Besides the occasional rude customer, there have been some security issues.

A break in 2009 required Abdelaal to install bars on the entry door way. Though the bars provide extra protection, Abdelaal dislikes them because of its unwelcoming appearance to potential customers.

Garfield Market’s inventory is like most other convenient stores, selling soft drinks, beer, wine, cigarettes, snacks, lighters but also features unique items as well.

Abdelaal brings back souvenirs from Egypt and sells them. Some of his cultural items are Egyptian style hookahs, papyruses, and a brass plate featuring the Egyptian gods.


A brass plate from Eygpt that features the Egyptian gods. Among many of the unique items Abdelaal sells. $19.99. Photo by Brandon Adam.

Before living in the United States, Abdelaal was in the hotel and tourism business when he resided in Cairo, Egypt.

Abdelaal has lived in the United States for 12 years. His interest in American culture brought him over seas to start his career.

“I was just kind of curious about the American culture,” he said.

He received a bachelor’s degree in “hotel management” when he was in Egypt in which he hopes operate his own hotel one day.

“Hotel management is really huge,” Abdelaal said. “Every hotel has different departments.”

He was looking to expand his resume by opening a convenience store in order to gain experience in business management and customer service.


Adelaal serving one of his many returning customers. Both Pacific Lutheran students and Parkland residences shop at the store. Photo by Brandon Adam

“My future goal is to have my own hotel one day,” Abdelaal said. “I started my business hoping I can get business experience.”

He quit his job working for a Holiday Day Inn hotel in Seattle because of disagreements with the management.

If you wish to buy some unique Egyptian souvenirs or need to pick up a few grocery items stop in at Garfield Market, located on 406 Garfield St. S.

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