Lute Loop brings massive crowd

Lute Loop (2)

Runners gather on the track in anticipation of the annual 5k

More than 600 white shirts flooded the PLU track in anticipation of a promising run known as the annual Lute Loop.  The Lute Loop is an annual run/walk open to students, faculty, staff and family members. Beginning at the PLU Track, the 5k run loops around a course three times then returns to the track. This year’s Lute Loop was a color run and participants wore white t-shirts in anticipation of being pelted with color bombs as they ran past the three check points.

“Last year’s lute loop [had about] 200 [runners.] This year, over 600 people signed up!” Shouted Susan Westering excitedly through a mega-phone.

Warm-ups started at 5 p.m. as the runners jumped and stretched alongside the cheers of Susan Westering. The run started 15 minutes later, as the first group of runners tore off down the track. A minute later those who had decided to jog the course followed suit, and they were quickly followed by those walking the 5k course.


Volunteers give smoothies to the exhausted runners

Splashes of color were thrown at the participants as they passed each checkpoint. Some runners encountered a man dressed as a frog running towards them as he threw additional color bombs onto those who passed him.

The run was over surprisingly quickly, and energy was high as the runners crossed the finish line. Volunteers on the PLU track handed out water, orange slices and smoothies to the parched athletes.

Triumphant student Jarel Sanders cheers as he revels in the completion of the run

Triumphant student Jarel Sanders cheers as he revels in the completion of the run

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