Medialab doc nominated for Emmy Award

natasThe National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences—Northwest Chapter announced today that Pacific Lutheran University’s MediaLab has once again been nominated for a student Emmy award for its latest documentary.

“Beyond Burkas and Bombers: Anti-Muslim Sentiment in America” is a true story with a serious twist—two PLU students meet and fall in love… but one is Christian and the other one is Muslim. In addition to this ageless narrative, the documentary examines how the U.S. has viewed Muslims since 9/11 and offers ways to address this unreasonable fear of the other.

Senior producer, JuliAnne Rose, ‘13, said she was delighted by the nomination. “We are fortunate at PLU to have the Wang Center and MediaLab to provide students with the opportunity to ask the meaningful questions and the resources to delve into some of the most important social issues of our day,” Rose said. “And with the recent events, we feel ‘Beyond Burkas and Bombers’ has found new relevance in our society.” Rose’s co-producer, Heather Perry, ’13 said, “We worked many long hours on this important story. We are grateful that it is being recognized.”


Heather Perry, ’13, JuliAnne Rose, ’13 and Andrea Capere, ’14, producers and editors of newly nominated MediaLab production.

“Beyond Burkas and Bombers” was nominated alongside three other long-form student productions: two from the University of Oregon and one from the University of Montana.

Chief editor of the project, Andrea Capere, ’14, said the nomination was a great honor for a small school like PLU. “We are truly honored to be considered alongside two big media schools with such great notoriety.”

MediaLab documentaries have been nominated for student Emmy awards twice before in the past five years. The documentary “Illicit Exchanges: Canada, the U.S. & Crime” went on to win the student Emmy in 2009.

Students from universities, colleges and technical/vocational schools in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Montana and Washington state are invited to participate in NATAS Northwest chapter’s annual recognition of college student television production.

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  1. I’m sorry, but Lute Times has got a horrible logo.

  2. Congratulations to MediaLab and to Heather, JuliAnne & Andrea. The documentary was truly remarkable and unique. The nomination is well-deserved. Enjoy the Emmy Awards ceremony. I hope you bring home the prize.

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