Study away at PLU

Studying away at Pacific Lutheran University is now easier than ever. More than 40 percent of students at PLU study abroad. The national average is three percent according to the PLU webpage.


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With semester, summer and J-Term programs available, PLU students have plenty of opportunities to explore the globe and learn about other cultures.

J-Term or Summer Study Away

Now some students will probably only want to study away for a small amount of time. J-Term or summer are the perfect match in that regard. According to the Wang Center for Global Education, a J-Term program begins at the end of fall semester and ends at the beginning of spring semester. Each program typically lasts between three and six weeks and is led by members of the PLU faculty. Students will travel with other PLU students on these programs.  Allowing students to travel both domestically and internationally, J-Term programs include everything from social work on the Hilltop in Tacoma to an English in Antarctica.

J-Term programs for 2014 include courses in Australia, Europe, Africa and South America. For students that missed the application deadline, don’t worry. Select programs are still accepting applications.

PLU also offers a list of summer courses for students who want to study away during their break from school. Course offerings include an archaeology trip to the San Juan Islands and an European economics class.

Semester Study Away

Some students decide to explore the world for a longer amount of time and choose to study away for a semester. PLU’s multiple semester programs include: Chengdu, China, Oaxaca, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago, Oslo, Norway, Telemark, Norway, Windhoek, Namibia, Grenada, Spain, London, England and ISEP-Exchange Programs. According to the Wang Center’s website, “the Gateway and Feature programs offer coursework, study tours and immersion opportunities relevant to areas of study at PLU.”

Other programs approved by PLU include Aberdeen, Scotland, Athens, Greece, Copenhagen, Denmark, and numerous others. These programs are encouraged for students who cannot find a place where they want to study in the list of Gateway or Feature programs.

Financial Information

For students who want to study away and are concerned about funding their trips, there are plenty of financial aid options available including multiple scholarships and grants.

With so many different options available, studying away is a great option for students with a desire to travel and learn. Whether students choose to study in Thailand or on the Hilltop in Tacoma, options are available for everyone.

For more information visit the Wang Center’s website.

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2 replies

  1. Great article, Dianne!
    Hopefully students will read this and check out the available information that is out there about studying abroad.
    It gives you a great opportunity both academically and personally, and for me personally, I have never regretted studying abroad here in the U.S. 🙂

  2. Study away is the bread & butter of PLU. I have a countdown for my Australia trip next J-term!

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