Sumner council member reminded to stay within law

Sumner council member Randy Hynek made comments during the April 15 council meeting that he was not authorized to.

“We are having some big discussions regarding a 320-unit apartment complex,” Hynek said. “Could it move it to Orting Junction?”

Brett Vincent, city attorney, quickly told Hynek that he “didn’t have the authority to break the attorney-client privilege.”

The information he released was told to the council during an executive section.

Hynek also told the public to e-mail his personal e-mail. The city of Sumner e-mail, Hynek said, isn’t private and can be accessed at any time.

Vincent also addressed that issue.

“I have sent numerous e-mails and done training in study sessions about public records as related to e-mails to and from council members from constituents,” Vincent said.

In the event of a public records request, council members are required to disclose all e-mails related to city business, even from their personal accounts.

For this reason, Vincent recommended to keep all e-mails regarding city business with the public account.

If a council member refuses to disclose all records of city business, even in private e-mail, the city could face a fine of $100 a day.

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