UPDATE: Average Salaries of University Professors

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According to a detailed graphic chart from the Chronicle, Pacific Lutheran University full professors make $79,200 a year which pales in comparison to the graph presented from Inside Higher Ed http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2013/04/08/aaup-survey-finds-average-faculty-salary-increased-rate-inflation-last-year#ixzz2QkV3BpXW (second graph).

The general public would assume that by reading the graph provided by  Inside Higher Ed, that all faculty members of religous, priavte universities would make the same income by the numbers presented.

The Chronicle graph indicates the specific pay of faculty memebers from Pacific Lutheran University which drastically contradict the numbers from the Inside Higher Ed chart. See the graph here from The Chronicle http://chronicle.com/article/faculty-salaries-data-2012/131431#id=236230. Clearly the Inside Higher Ed graph makes a substantial generalizaion with average income salaries even though the webpage claimsit’s graphy was sourced from AAUP.

Screen SHot

The graph from The Chronicle. Click here for link web page

According to this much more detailed graph, the reality is that all faculty memebers from Pacific Lutheran don’t make nearly as much income as the graph below suggests. A full professor at Pacific Lutheran doesn’t even make triple digits.

A survey by by the American Association of University Professors details the salaries of full time faculty workers at universities. A graph taken from Inside Higher Ed compares pay between private, public, and religous private instituions.

The AAUP survey finds that full-time factulty members in religous private universities, make more then public faculty members but not as much as non-religous private faculty memebers.

The percenatges in payrate increased by 1.7 in 2012-2013. The graph below states the current pay rates of the three types of institutions after the increase.

Category / Rank All Public Private, Independent Private, Religious
–Full professor $134,747 $123,393 $167,118 $139,194
–Associate $88,306 $84,275 $104,016 $94,199
–Assistant $76,822 $73,212 $90,622 $79,489
–Instructor $51,116 $48,359 $63,269 $63,830
–Lecturer $57,225 $54,382 $66,519 $58,942
–Full professor $92,552 $88,988 $104,186 $94,031
–Associate $73,103 $71,343 $78,125 $73,114
–Assistant $62,184 $61,041 $66,050 $61,487
–Instructor $47,098 $45,258 $52,899 $51,987
–Lecturer $49,626 $48,086 $58,312 $52,966
–Full professor $91,935 $86,427 $104,335 $78,629
–Associate $70,334 $70,066 $76,993 $63,244
–Assistant $58,406 $58,591 $62,763 $53,901
–Instructor $47,915 $47,798 $49,990 $45,802
–Lecturer $52,116 $49,064 $60,939 $43,831
Associate (with ranks)
–Full professor $74,526 $74,845 n/a n/a
–Associate $60,821 $60,876 n/a n/a
–Assistant $52,643 $52,754 n/a n/a
–Instructor $45,244 $45,314 n/a n/a
–Lecturer $45,824 $45,819 n/a n/a

The pay varies amongst the faculty members. Full time doctoral professors recieve the most pay in private indepedent universities. The disparity becomes convulted when private indepedent instructors  make slightly less then private religous institution’s instructors. About a $561 pay difference.

Besides those inconsistencies of the mentioned positions, full professors, associates, assiatance, and lecturers in the independnet private institution still make more then the other two institutions.

Credentials seem to be a factor in the pay disparity as well. To futher extrapolate the convolution, the graph details an independent private baccalaureate full professor and lecturer making more then their master’s counterpart. One would think the faculty workers with the higher credential would recieve the higher pay in all fields but the graph proves otherwise.

Read more:
Inside Higher Ed

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2 replies

  1. This is a highly misleading graph. Please look at more in-depth statistics which break down universities by type of institution (Masters versus Baccalaureate) and schools who have Medical Schools and Law Schools which skew the statistics. You might also look at the statistics in the Chronicle of Higher Education for PLU itself, which would add nuance to the picture.

  2. This graph you published is dramatically misleading, by suggesting that salaries at PLU are 30 to 50% higher than they are. The Chronicle of Higher Education provides more accurate data: http://chronicle.com/article/faculty-salaries-data-2012/131431#id=236230. This information also provides how PLU compares to peer institutions, the ratio of female: male pay and more.

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