The Doll Museum: A shop that cares

-For Discover Parkland-

Driving on C St south, enroute to Garfiled street, you may have come across a blue duplex with an illuminated open sign and a towering road side sign that reads “The Doll Museum.”


The Doll Museum loacted on 14104 C St S. The shop donates, sells, and repair dolls. Photography by Brandon Adam.

Floyd Blake, the co-owner of the Doll Museum along with the business owner Yvonne Kent, opened the shop on June of last year to repair donated dolls and re-sell them to the community. Places of donation include hospitals, non-profit organizations, and families in need.

“We’re in it to help people,” Blake said.

One story of giving back to the community was when a signle mother of two died in a motorcycle accident. Blake donated four expensive angels to the family.

Dolls in disrepair are donated the Tacoma Area Coalition for Individuals with Disabilities, a non-profit organization that cares for people with dissabilities. The mismatched doll pieces are placed in plasctic bags in which the patients can assemble their own dolls for recreation.


Bags of mismatched doll pieces. These bags are frequently donated to TACID. Photopgraphy by Brandon Adam.

The surrounding community is apprecaitive of the Museum’s charitable nature.

“We would recommend them to everybody.” Marsha Masters-Doman said who is the admistrative assitant of of TACID. “If your looking for somthing they will help you find it.”

Blake and Kent live just next store to the emporium of dolls which consist of a wide variety of vintage figurines.


The doll inventory as seen from the entryway. The museum contains a wide variety of different types of dolls. Photography by Brandon Adam.

These figurines include porcelain, plush, stuffed, wooden, and the more conventional plastic kind.

The museum’s tight corridors make for displaying dolls difficult. Blake is looking to expand his shop into the adjacent room.

Fortunatley for the Museam, a K-mart went out of business in Lakewood. The shop capitialized on this oppurtunity by buying shelving from the closed store to place more dolls on.

If you’re looking to buy some vintage dolls or wish to donate dolls of your own, contact Blake and Kent at 253-320-1479.

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