Profile: Kevin Reeves, more than just a sales manager

kevin reeves in action


Many years ago a small heating and air conditioning company decided to hire an employee; this employee was Kevin Reeves. Since then, Reeves has been doing the thing he loves, sales.

Today, Reeves is Sales Manager at Indoor Comfort Systems, after being there for 20 years.  While 20 years in any industry is a very long time, most heating employers consider this unheard of.

“Years ago I considered leaving to try my hand at some other trade, however the grass is not always greener, and for 50 cents more an hour it’s really not worth it.” Said Reeves, “I am happy where I am, and I couldn’t ask for a better job.”

Reeves works with many different people in the company, including finance, management, service, and installation specialists. Matt Parent, the installation manager, commented that Mr. Reeves has been helpful ever since Parent arrived two years ago.  Since then Parent has been working with Reeves doing system layout, which outlines the installation process.

Parent also remarked that “Mr. Reeves is by no means perfect, and I understand that, but when a problem comes up we always get together and iron out the details.” This helps prevent callbacks to job sites, and makes the installation process go smoothly.  In addition, Parent keeps Reeves “in the loop” throughout the installation process. If any problems arise, Reeves is responsible for talking to the homeowner or contractor in charge.

Over the last six months a new installation process has been implemented, so the bugs are still being worked out. Reeves went into describe how this new process has streamline installation, leads to less “call-backs”, and leaves the customer with an overall better product. Although Reeves is not directly in charge of this process he seems to be very excited about the improvements that have been going on.

With all this work going on, Reeves needs time to relax as well. Since Reeves has three kids he rarely has time for any sort of vacation. Reeves has recently been divorced, about four years ago, in which he received full custody of his children.

“About ten years ago my wife suffered from a brain injury, since then everything has changed. The environment at home was not okay for my children or me to be living in,” said Reeves when asked about the divorce.

Despite the trying times, when Reeves does get time to himself he loves to go fishing. Having grown up in Spokane, Washington with a sister and two step-siblings, he spent a lot of time on the river.

Reeves is an avid outdoorsman who loves fishing. Every year he fishes in the Puyallup River for salmon. Last year Reeves took his son on a deer-hunting trip, although he did not get his deer. “Its fun going out and doing those sort of things, especially with your family and people you love being around,” remarked Mr. Reeves.

Most recently, Reeves has found a girlfriend, who he is currently living with. “Kay and I get along great, and my kids like her too. Which is always important.” Reeves really enjoys the things that him and Kay do together. “I enjoy how she pushes me on issues in ways that I hadn’t considered.”

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