Sumner Police recommended for reaccreditation


Sumner Police Department has been recommended for reaccreditation after having met all standards required. The police department is one of 52 in Washington state that is accredited.

-For The Herald-

The Sumner Police Department has met all 135 standards set by the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs and has been recommended for reaccreditation.

The standards include not only officer field work, but also administrative standards.

“You have an excellent staff and there is no doubt they provide exceptional service to the citizens of Sumner,” Michael Painter, WASPC director of professional services, told Police Chief Brad Moericke.

The Sumner Police Department has been accredited since 2005 and must reapply every four years.

Although the police department doesn’t know that they will be reaccredited yet, there is little doubt they won’t.

“Based on not having a single finding and 100 percent compliance there is little doubt we wouldn’t be re accredited,” Moericke said.

Currently, 18 percent of law enforcement agencies in Washington are accredited.  The Sumner Police Department is one of three agencies that are accredited in Pierce County.

“[Accreditation] gives the community confidence that their police department is professional and is operating under best practices,” Jason Wilson, administrative services manager said.

“It’s important that we demonstrate that we are meeting best practices,” Moericke said. “It’s not that you say you’re doing something, there needs to be proof.”

The Sumner Police Department has proof. Wilson manages files that take up 3 feet of space. There was so much proof that Wilson moved the files from his office to another room.

“We back up what we say,” Wilson said. “We say we are professional and we prove it.”

The Sumner Police Department will know if it has been reaccredited May 26, but there is little doubt among the department that they will be accredited.

“I hope the officers feel the same sense of pride that I do,” Moericke said.

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