Separating PLU and UPS


College Scorecard,, provides statistics on each university and college in the country.

The two can easily be confused. They are both private four-year universities in Tacoma. Both affiliate themselves with the NCAA as a Division III school. And neither is cheap.

So what differentiates Pacific Lutheran University and the University of Puget Sound?

For starters, UPS takes the idea of being “less cheap” further than PLU.

According to College Scorecard, a government ran website, UPS costs nearly $9,000 more annually than PLU after all financial aids and grants.

The average Puget Sound student pays nearly $31,000 a year.

The Loggers aren’t taking their spendy education for granted either.

More than 73 percent of all UPS students receive a Bachelor’s degree within six years of enrollment. A less-impressive 66.4 percent of all PLU students earn a diploma in the same amount of time.

Despite the significantly higher cost at UPS, only 1.1 percent of students default on their student loans. That is lower than 2.9 percent of PLU alumni who default on their loans.

The two schools’ location is similar. The numbers are not.

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