Is “Dancing with the Stars” losing its steam?

The ABC reality show “Dancing with the Stars” is coming up on its 16th season, but trends show its audience is getting tired of the show’s old song and dance.

In 2005, season 1 premiered with 13 million viewers, making it one of the highest-watched summer shows of all time. Through the years the show has made headlines with comeback stories, wardrobe malfunctions, and flashy dance numbers. Stars have fainted, flashed, and fractured body parts in front of the cameras over the years. But the big news stories always came with the announcement of each season’s contestants.

A quick look at Google trends shows that numbers are slipping. Season 16’s cast was announced Tuesday morning, but in the past few years less and less people are interested in who they’ll be watching.

Google trend results

Google trend results

Another observation made from Google trends is which dancers America was most entranced with. Julianne Hough is the most searched performer, but hasn’t made an appearance on the show since season 8. This year’s contestants offer some stir, but Nielsen ratings confirm that fans enjoy watching performers they’re already familiar with.

“Dancing with the Stars” will premiere March 18 on ABC.

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