Catholics Divided on Role of New Pope

Pope Benedict XVI is scheduled to appear one final time in front of a general audience on February 27th. As the final days of his reign come to a close, Catholics all over the globe, totaling around 1,078,790,000, are eager to meet the new leader of the church.  With a changing world and shifting population, it is no surprise that many of the devout are hoping that the newly elected Pope will be one that takes the church into new directions.


 According to, 46 percent of Catholics hope that the next Pope will move the church into new directions.  Truly divided, another 51 percent hopes that this pope will maintain a more traditional stance on current issues. However, a majority of Catholics agree that a new law, allowing priests to marry, would be more beneficial than not.

There is still some confusion regarding when exactly the Papal Conclave will meet to elect the next pope, but cardinals all around the globe are currently flying into the Vatican City to prepare for the  two week long election process.

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