Mediated Communication vs. Face to Face

  By Matthew Unzen, ’14

The following is an abstract for an academic paper I wrote arguing that face to face communication is more beneficial than using technology to communicate.                                  


In recent years the use of media technology to communicate rather than face-to-face has dramatically increased. However, there are certain problems that could arise should people use mediated communication more than face-to-face contact. The purpose of this academic paper is to argue that it is dangerous for people to have little interaction with each other in person and communicate only by means of technology. The main points this paper investigates are the decline of social skills, communication skills, and the effects from a lack of human presence. The paper uses a comprehensive literature review examining what other scholars have said about this topic. The author of this paper conducted a survey to compare whether young people communicate more using technology or by face-to-face contact. The findings of this paper are that people use technology to communicate far more than face-to-face and this could lead to serious social repercussions.

To read full paper please go to

Paper 3 Grapp










This graph shows the survey results of people who use technology more than face-to-face to communicate

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  1. I was seeking this certain info for a long time. Thank you and good luck.

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