A Student’s Perspective: Online Versus Face-to-Face

By Jasmyn Thornton, ’15

I wrote an academic paper that discusses the differences between online and face-to-face communication. A survey was conducted to find a reason for preference of communication. The results and research analyzed together revealed true intentions contradictory to said preference.


       A study was conducted by surveying students at Pacific Lutheran University about their preference to expressing emotion online or face-to-face with an individual. The survey also questioned why or why not they chose their preference. Those results were compared to other recent studies, scholarly journals and a textbook taught in a Communication 101 course at Pacific Lutheran University. The purpose of the study was to come to a conclusion of why or why not students today prefer online or face-to-face communication. Due to the extreme differences in research, it was concluded that humans are not completely satisfied with the tools provided by either form of communication. The study also reveals that humans may have preferences due to selfishness and self-fulfillment and that the impact of online and face-to-face communication may not have a significant difference.

Keywords: Social Networking, Social Media, Nonverbal Communication, Verbal

Communication, Communication, Theory


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  1. This is a fascinating topic and I’d love to read your entire paper. A lot of my friends don’t live anywhere near me so we don’t have face to face communication so this is a really important topic for me!

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