Profile: PLU Women’s Assistant Soccer Coach Joe Jordan

By Alex Murray

“You know what’s funny is that I wanted to be a garbage man when I was in elementary school; I thought ‘they are outside a lot and are active’,” said Joe Jordan. The thoughts on that job quickly changed, but Jordan sure kept his mind open to a variety of different jobs in his future.

Joe Jordan grew up as an only child locally in Tacoma/Browns Point area. Jordan attended Fife High School graduating in 1993. Joe Jordan was interested in sports and belonged on the high school baseball team throughout his years there, meanwhile kept himself busy with a few jobs.

As a high school student Jordan occupied jobs as a dishwasher for Golden WOC, a cook at the local McDonalds, along with being a cook at the Puyallup Fair at Spuds Fish and Chips, which he carried on for 18 years.

Seeking education after high school Jordan attended Pacific Lutheran University focusing his studies in Biology and Political Science, where he graduated in 1998. While being a college student he worked for Weyerhaeuser at the Tacoma tide flats being a contractor for long shore work.

After his college career Jordan picked up coaching. Jordan coached track for 6 years at Surprise Lake Middle School, along with coaching soccer in multiple programs. He coached Fife High School girls junior varsity soccer and at Columbia Junior High girls soccer for also 6 years. Jordan then joined a well-know local soccer club, FC Royals for girls and FC United for boys, he continued to coach within those clubs for 9 years.

Continuing on with the coaching idea Jordan is currently coaching for Pacific Lutheran University women’s soccer program, going on his fifth year. He is also coaching at Federal Way FC, U-11 age grouped girls along with RSA elite U16 girls located in South Hill.

“Joe is an awesome coach, he knows when to be serious and when to have fun. He always has a good sense of humor and a way to know his players on and off the field,” says Lauren Higgens, who had Joe as a coach in her club soccer years along with her first year at PLU.

Ashlie Thompson, a sophomore at PLU states, “Joe gives advice through explanation and movement, while at the same time breaking complex situations down to a minimal making the understanding process obtainable.” Ashlie also had Joe as a coach for club soccer and current now at PLU.

There is always positive feedback about Jordan, his personality makes it easy for someone to confront and converse if needed. You will hear nothing negative about Joe from athletes who were coached by him or ones who just know Joe outside of the coaching life.

Aside from coaching Jordan has been a landlord for 9 years, renting out houses located in the Tacoma area a few blocks away from Pacific Lutheran University. Jordan also has been as substitute teacher for 5 years now around the area. He also is a DJ for weddings and friend’s get-togethers for 2 years.

Jordan kept his options open for jobs opportunities and as one can tell he sticks with it for multiple years and finds a way to make it enjoyable for himself throughout.

Joe Jordan, working in many different fields of job opportunities and appears to be content and happy with it; “Joe is relaxed and easy going, he will always crack a joke and enlighten the mood in any situation,” says Samantha Benner, a member of the PLU women’s soccer team.

Joe Jordan states that his all time dream job would be a general manager for a Major League Baseball team, or a team like Manchester United. Jordan has seemed to have the desire and willingness to experiment with a variety of career choices that will spark any of his interests.

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