Profile: Parkland’s NPCC Owner Ed Cedras in the ‘People Business’

By Angela Shier

Coffee, beer and food aren’t all you will find when entering Northern Pacific Coffee Company (NPCC).

Ed Cedras, who re-opened NPCC in 2010, focuses on building community. Located on Garfield Street, NPCC is a staple for Parkland, and not just for the coffee and entertainment.

Growing up with avid coffee-lover parents, Cedras loved the smell of coffee from a young age. Often playing around in the dirt, “I was a dirt eater…I ate the coffee grounds my father used to fertilize a rose bush,” Said Cedras, who as a child took his coffee black with sugar.

Technique and roast of coffee are important factors when ordering at NPCC, “we have a particular philosophy on coffee and we’re here to train you” said Cedras “You’re in the people business serving coffee.”

“Ed can kind of have a gruff exterior but he really makes an effort to be welcoming” said Nate Schoen, a frequent NPCC customer and PLU student, “The people that work there really take the time to get to know you…they seem genuinely interested.” The community at NPCC is clear, “We’re all friends with each other, there’s kind of a feeling of interconnectedness between the employees and all the customers,” commented PLU Student Jakob Maier.

A coffee education is acquired when frequenting NPCC for Maier. “They teach me different ways to brew coffee and the different sort of tastes that each way of brewing brings to even the same roast of coffee,” said Maier, “One time I ordered a drip coffee and Ed made a drip and a pour-over of the same roast to show me the difference between the two.” On NPCC’s Facebook page, frequent posts are made about the different types of coffee served, events, and even contests to win special prizes.

Every Wednesday an open-mic night is held at NPCC where local musicians and sometimes poets come to perform. “My first time ever playing guitar in public was at an open-mic. I was quite nervous,” Said Samuel Ryan, a PLU student, “After I finished my set, Ed clapped and said ‘That was fun.’ He was very encouraging for me to pursue music…I would play there and he would often say I was doing well or improving.”

The supportive community at NPCC opens opportunities for young musicians to perform, “It has always been supportive there, if someone is feeling nervous or not doing very well [performing] they try and help them out” said Ryan “A lot of people know who everyone else is more so than other coffee shops I’ve been to.” In addition to open-mic night, concerts are often held, “Seems like it’s a cool cultural hub for parkland,” said Schoen “Brings free entertainment to Parkland.”

Cedras values serving and caring for his customers at NPCC, “We don’t care who they are, we’re going to help them,” he said. Often when customers come in and are facing tough situations, the employees and Ed seek to assist them, “We respond to the needs of the community.”

An organic and loving community is built at NPCC “For anyone as broken as they are,” continued Cedras, “We are people who actively seek to help others.”

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