When does 4 = 5?

ImageBy Katie Curtis ’14

Mitt Romney does not have what it takes to be a successful U.S. president. As a  PLU student and a first time voter this greatly concerns  me. Romney claims to have a 5-point plan to reverse the U.S. deficit, but on Romney’s website there are only four points listed. Where has this mysterious fifth point gone?

Romney also hasn’t explained his plan. He’s claiming to make 12 million new jobs but he doesn’t say how. Romney says he wants to reduce federal spending to 20 percent, but he is not outlining how the spending will be reduced. The same goes for Romney’s three other points in his plan. He has the ideas, but he lacks a clear way to execute these plans. The United States needs a president who can explain how he or she will make the changes he or she is suggesting, not just leave them at a simple “this is what I’ll do.”

Even in the presidential debates, Romney didn’t clearly address how he would go about lowering the deficit. Romney’s lack of clear, in-depth communication throughout his campaign tells me he is not ready to become president. The United States needs a president who will be clear and concise and so far Mitt Romney isn’t that person. If I wrote my college essays the way Romney ties to explain his plans I would be laughed at by my professors and fail.

Click here to see Katie’s letter on the News Tribune website.

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