Human Rights are Right

 By Allie Reynolds ’15

Washington state voters will be voting on Referendum 74 this election season, which would allow same-sex couples to marry in Washington state. Voters will vote “yes” or “no”  to support a basic human right: the right to pursue happiness.

I think same-sex marriage should be legalized. I proudly voted for Referendum 74.  Then I high-fived one of my good friends, who happens to be gay. I think it’s heartless and ignorant for people to be against something that would make so many people in our state, and country for that matter, happy.

Same-sex marriage should be legal because of separation between church and state. So, the Bible says, “Man shall not lie with man.” But, does it say that in other religious texts? Why should Christians advocate that gay marriage is immoral and wrong when not every U.S. citizen is Christian? In my opinion, if you don’t want a gay marriage, then don’t get one.

Many Christians argue that gay marriage would destroy the sanctity of marriage. Really? With the U.S. divorce rate at 50 percent, people meeting and marrying each other in Las Vegas the same day, I think we need to look at what marriage really means to our citizens before we blame it all on same-sex marriage.

Other people against same-sex marriage argue it isn’t “natural.”  But, homosexuality is common in several other animal species. Animals such as penguins, dolphins, elephants and monkeys participate in homosexual behavior. You don’t see them protesting on street corners that being gay is wrong.

This may be just one side of the argument, but I strongly believe marriage should be a human right, available to all people, regardless of their sexual orientation. Everyone should be able to do what makes him or her happy, and if that is marrying another man or woman, I say go for it.


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