Budding Buddies

By Katie Scaff ‘13

They may seem like an unlikely pair, but one day 4-year-old Isabel Moore and her 10-month-old therapy dog Luka will be best friends who take care of one other.

Isabel, who was diagnosed with autism in 2009, received Luka from the North Star Foundation on Veteran’s Day weekend.

It’s a slow but budding relationship and the two are slowly learning each other’s quirks.

Isabel’s loud noises and large gestures frighten Luka and Luka’s high level of energy scares Isabel, who would rather be in control of their interactions.

As Luka gets older and learns more about Isabel’s unique needs, he will be able to provide her with the safety, social and emotional support that she needs.


Interested in what it means to be an autism therapy dog or how Isabel got Luka? Click here to read about how PLU Marriage and Family Therapy students helped raise money for her dog.

Interested in helping other children like Isabel get a therapy dog? Donate to the North Star Foundation.

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  1. Awesome video and a really interesting story

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